Benjamin Thomas Mitchell Carved the Original SLC, UT Base and Meridian Marker

Benjamin Thomas Mitchell carved the Salt Lake City, Utah, Base and Meridian Marker. In his journal, he wrote, “I helped to survey the Great Salt Lake City and built a house the same fall before harvest came in”.

Church records show s $25.00 payment made to Mitchell for creating the marker. The Base and Meridian Marker is currently located on the 1st floor in the Church History and Art Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah, across from Temple Square.

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(12) B.T. Mitchell Descendants Found as Possible SLC Temple Builders

I found on the SLC Temple Public Works Records Index–Mitchell names listed as SLC temple stone masons.  The pages reference other log books that might indicate the actual work done such as carving stars, moons or other symbolic features. This is an amazing discovery  because this likely  reveals a total of 12 B.T. Mitchell descendants  that helped built the SLC temple.

Mitchell Names in SLC Temple Builders Records- Stone Masons:

1.  Mitchell B.T.

2.  Mitchell, Abram (Probably Father- Abraham)

3.  Mitchell, Benjamin (Probably Son)

4.  Mitchell, Edward H.(Son)

5.  Mitchell, F. (Son if  (F) is Franklin)

6.  Mitchell, Heber  (Son if Herman Heber Mitchell)

7.  Mitchell, Jerome (Son)

8.  Mitchell, John (Son)

9.  Mitchell, Joseph S. (Son)

10.  Mitchell, Nathaniel (Son)

*Mitchell, Zad (probably short for Zaddock)

11.  Mitchell, Zaddock (Son)

12.  Mitchell Alonzo (Possible Alomo miss typed in journal remarks)

A.C. Mitchell,  (Unknown)

Fred Mitchell  (Unknown)

Does anyone have family journals, photos or other records? Reply to this post or add a comment–Thanks, G. Mitchell-